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Analyst Developper, Crédit Mutuel
Apr 11, 2022
I am looking for an Internship as a Back-end Developper in a foreign country (I live in France). I have to do it for 3 months and ideally, between March and June 2023 but I can go for the Summer 2023.

I put my skills in the tags section.

I also have 4 years of experience as an apprentice Software Developer in two companies, Menicon and Crédit Mutuel

Do not hesitate to contact me on my Twitter or LinkedIn account ;)

Thanks and have a nice day!
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Engineering Manager, Twitter
Started 3 months ago
Working on a fun Twitter bot (@ScoreMyWordle) that provides a score based on your wordle output. It's a messy Node script currently running on an always-on Replit instance. Works with alt text generated by!

Read more on GitHub here
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