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Co-founder & community builder, #EveryoneCanContribute cafe
May 08, 2022
Reliving a 5y old programming mistake leading to debug burnout, for my #KubeCon talk 🔥
Oh, my past self would have loved #kubernetes #observability and #chaosengineering - now we can enjoy them together. See you soon in Valencia! 🤗  
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Co-founder & community builder, #EveryoneCanContribute cafe
Apr 28, 2022
Living my best life at GitLab as a speaker, educator, and thought leader 💜 

Soon at #KubeCon and #cdCon 🌱 

#observability #chaosengineering #slo #opentelemetry #devops 
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Staff Software Engineer, Wizeline
Oct 22, 2021
I was just selected to give a talk at JS Conf MX next month!
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