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Software Engineer, Google, Android
May 17, 2022
I build stuffs
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VP of Sales, EyeRate
Apr 25, 2022
In 2015 I launched a startup I founded called GymHit Software.ย 

  • Accepted into Forum Accelerator (formerly Acceleprise) Cohort 5
  • Accepted into 500 Startups Batch 19
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Product Designer , Dualona
Apr 21, 2022
A few months ago, I got an invite to the North Central Town Hall meet for the Nigeria Startup Bill.
(fast forward)
Some weeks later, the event was held and I must confess that I had a fantastic experience rubbing minds with creative thinkers.
We were sectioned into groups and each group reviewed and gave their thoughtful recommendations on each section of the Bill. It was an awesome learning experience for me and I had the opportunity to have a deep digest of the Bill.
I also got a chance to do what I love most, NETWORKING, I connected with several startup founders, enthusiasts and fellow students. #startups #innovation #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs #NigeriaStartupBill #NSB #techcommunity #founders #learning #NigeriaStartups #networking #experience #nigeria
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Product Designer , Dualona
Apr 21, 2022
Nobody wants to lose their hard earned money.

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Software Developer, Qvantel Software Solutions
Apr 09, 2022
When was the first time you heard the word Entrepreneurship?

I want to share my experience that how my startup failed before getting started.
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Head Of Growth, Fundstory
Apr 08, 2022
We have taken a big step in updating our Capital Partner Directory.

We have discovered that is no good place to find all the information you need on non-dilutive lenders.

This page for example has Clearco Reviews among much information on Clearco.

Our reviews come from all across the internet from Trustpilot to the lender's own website.

We believe that this will greatly increase the ability of founders to find the right non-dilutive funding partners
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