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COO, Cups Espresso Cafe
Started about 4 hours ago
Began building an open source css animation library to manage an entire project from start to finish and build a product that is maintainable, well documented and accessible for open source contributions from the community.
Will build in public and write articles about the process along the way.
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Software Engineer, VersaFleet
Started 1 day ago
Excited to announce that currently I'm working on my next open source project for people management. You'll see the project on my Github soon. So stay tuned!
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Documentation Lead, VirtualCoffeeIO
May 01, 2022
I created a pull request to change the intro of the "Join Virtual Coffee" section to pause new membership and it got merged! 🎉
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Documentation Lead, VirtualCoffeeIO
May 01, 2022
We are pausing new membership at Virtual Coffee.
Therefore, we need to update our "Join Virtual Coffee" section on our website.

I created an issue to update the section
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Operating Officer, Open Advertisements
Aug 15, 2020
Released a second development project. 
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Chief Executive , Select Development
Software Engineer, Coiled
Apr 15, 2022
Done some maintainer work for the open-source project opsdroid. Today consisted on:

  • Code reviews
  • Merging PRs
  • Replying to issues

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