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Software Engineer, BBC
Started 6 days ago


Discover all the reveals and announcements from gaming's biggest conferences and showcases.

An ongoing library for gaming showcases, built with NextJS, ReactJS and Sanity CMS.
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Software Engineer, Vercel
Apr 27, 2022
Excited to share my latest project, Zag.js

UI components powered by State Machines.

Zag is a collection of framework agnostic, accessible widgets (like an accordion, menu, dialog, etc.) that can be used in React, Vue, & Solid.js.

This project leans heavily on my recent experiments with XState and finite state machines.

Key Goals of Zag:

  •  Write once, use it everywhere 
  •  Focus on accessibility 
  •  Headless. Bring your styling solution 
  •  Powered by state machines 

Check it out

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I am proud to announce that I have completed my personal website, where I hope to showcase exciting side projects I will be working on.

Please check it out here . Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Frontend Developer, Dasu
Started 4 months ago
Re-joined the Infinity Bot List team, as a Developer to help with Version 4, which is being built in React!

Can't wait to see what v4 brings to the bot list communities!
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Head Developer, Infinity Bot List
Started 5 months ago
Article about development of a game in ReactJS.

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Freelancing UI designer/ full-stack js developer, Freelancing
Apr 02, 2021
Welcome to my MERN stack social media login boilerplate. In this project, I create a login/signup system using the MERN stack.

MERN STACK: MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js. Redux for the global state management. To be specific, I am using a series of passport strategies to authenticate users on the backend.

Here is the demo. 👉

Here is the code. 👉
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