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Inner Core Member, Google Developer Students Clubs, VIT Vellore
Jan 21, 2022
Currently in the process of building DevStation. DevStation is a social networking application made by developers, for developers, to connect, collaborate, ideate, solve problems and create products for the future. My aim is to create an environment that feels like Twitter + GitHub + StackOverflow. so that developers can work together with minimal hassles and maximum productivity with a sense of community.

Current Available Features

  •  User Signup 💁
  •  User Login and Authentication 🔐
  •  CRUD operations with user posts 🗒️
  •  Like and comment on user posts ✍️
  •  Create Collaborative Requests ✋
  •  Accept Collaborative Requests ✋
  •  User Explore Feed 📱
  •  User Follow/ Unfollow 🙋‍♀️

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Software Engineer, Calaxy
Started 5 months ago
A Book Collectors clone. CLZ software has interesting cataloging software but it's ugly and they've pretty much stopped caring about their Mac apps and have gone full on web. I don't mind that, but I don't want to pay to share my collection or to add new ones to a web app that looks so bad. 

So I am making my own! I am using Blitz.js to help sharpen my full stack skills.
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