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May 19, 2022

Check out my email newsletter at ideotheticflow.substack.com for my thoughts on being a better person by challenging social expectations, recognising our intrinsic value, and embracing discomfort.
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Digital Marketer, WP Manage Ninja LLC
Started 15 days ago

I share exciting bits about Tech, Creator Economy, Pop Culture, & Business in my weekly newsletter "NishIsHere".

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Digital Marketer, WP Manage Ninja LLC
May 01, 2022

Published the 43rd issue of "Weekly NishIsHere" -  Weekly NishIsHere - Issue 43

In This Issue:
◘ Thoughts of the Week
◘ Tech - Snapchat is winning, without making big noise! FTX founder shares his thought about Twitter & Elon musk.
◘ Meme of the Week - Big name silicon valley accounts are now meme accounts!
◘ Creator Economy - Seek Discomfort.
Their slogan is enough to catch your attention. Check out ‘Yes theory’, one of my favorite youtube channels.
They did this amazing podcast with Colin and Samir.
◘ YouTube this Week - NFT may be a cool new thing, but its foundation started in past, very past. openAI’s Dall-e 2. The Real Reason Behind Elon's Twitter Buyout.
◘ Pop Culture - Thor Love and Thunder Trailer 2022. Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Easter Eggs. Tom Cruise is on another level. Watch this featured clip of his new movie Top Gun 2. No one can beat him!
◘ Photo of the Week
◘ Quote of the Week

Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

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Digital Marketer, WP Manage Ninja LLC
Apr 22, 2022

Published the 42nd issue of "Weekly NishIsHere" -  Weekly NishIsHere - Issue 42

In This Issue:
◘ Thought of the Week- BookTalk reviving Book Sales and a creating new kind of community.
◘ Tech - Inside Elon Musk's Mind, Viral Twitter Thread about Elon Musk's Twitter Offer, Scientists Discovered a Bubble Around Our Solar System!.
◘ Creator Economy - Rolling Stone's Creator Economy Coverage, How Miss Excel Using Social Media to become a Digital teacher.
◘ YouTube this Week - If you need inspiration or motivation to change your life, do not watch this.
◘ Pop Culture - Lady Thor
◘ Photo of the Week
◘ Quote of the Week

Photo by Brad West on Unsplash
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Eroe, Mianart
Apr 20, 2022
Email Marketing e Newsletter  - piattaforma dedicata in Italiano. - Diversi piani di abbonamento, si può partire da quello gratuito. Resta in contatto con clienti e amici.  https://mianart.substack.com/p/email-marketing 
Contatti in DM.
#Mianart #Newsletter #EmailMarketing.
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Founder, Enable Product Development, LLC.
Started 2 months ago
Building a newsletter that goes into depth on 3D Printing, Technology and Product Design.

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