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Software Developer, SAS
May 13, 2022
Made my first post to dev.to about using dendron in vscode for productivity.

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Data Scientist, KPMG
May 18, 2020
Published my first Dev.to article
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Software Engineer, Clarity Innovations, LLC
Apr 26, 2022
Created a post on dev.to about the Intl.ListFormat to easily format lists.


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Started 25 days ago
Dev Community:
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Software Engineer, Cisco
Mar 12, 2022
Wrote my first dev.to post detailing my struggles because where else other than twitter do I post about my struggles?

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Sr. Web Analyst, AnalyticaHouse
Feb 20, 2022

Build Your Serverless SQL Generator App Using GPT-3 and Next.js ⚡️

I just published my new blog post.
In this guide, you'll learn how to create a simple #serverless app which is creating SQL queries from regular English syntax like this, "Create a SQL request to find all users who visited from Chrome and Safari" with #OpenAI.

You can clone the repository here 🔗

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