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The purpose of this site is to have a backup of my ideal macOS and iOS configuration.

In this way I have a complete view of the programs I keep installed and possibly evaluate future changes. The list is public for those looking for programs and software for their Mac and iPhone.
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Flashcards game

To improve your skills you can practice with a series of any questions or items you need to answer.

In this case there are the 100 most used words in English and you have to find the correspondence in Italian. You can adapt the program for whatever you want to repeat or improve.

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Birthday and motivational send

Send birthday and motivational emails.

The greeting and motivational Monday emails are randomly chosen from a list of predefined letters. The Monday letters also contain a casual quote from Steve Jobs.

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Security Research Engineer, Kryptos Logic
Jun 06, 2021
Published a modular, Karton based, malware similarity framework called "Aurora".

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Community Manager, Feministech
Apr 14, 2022

Lançamento do site da abacatinhos.dev

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