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Working on a Tezos Baking Guide! This document will provide an easy and non-technical explanation of how Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency works, what staking and baking is, the benefits of delegating staking rights and how to do it. 

Will probably make an NFT out of it to get some funds for NFTecnologica!
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Senior SRE, Sentry
Apr 08, 2022
Published a guide to integrating Sentry into Serverless Cloud for error and performance monitoring!

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Tim Heaney



Feb 13, 2022
If you're a Perl programmer who is interested in Rust, I wrote this guide just for you!

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Senior Frontend Architect, Hasura
Feb 11, 2022
Worked on a guide on how to use and setup Traefik on docker compose or Unraid, while having the least possible labels

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU7JvIrthxg
Guide : https://ibracorp.gitbook.io/traefik/
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Technical Writer, Pomerium
Jan 19, 2022
Mutual #authentication is a big component of zero trust cybersecurity. Setting up client certificates for all your end users may not be feasible, but mTLS between Pomerium and upstream services definitely is.

Check it out here.
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Senior Software Engineer, Radius Networks
Jun 03, 2012
Final Fantasy 1 for the NES was a favorite game among my circle of friends when we were younger. There weren't many RPG offerings for NES at the time.

Many years later, I revisited running through the game with an odd-challenge: create a party of four that only uses the Black Belt / Master class. Normally, a party would consist of a relatively diverse group -- some melee, some magic -- but I was wondering, is this really necessary?

As it turns out, the first time I ever beat the game completely was with a party of 4 non-magic users. Because it was such an odd thing, I wrote up a guide for it and published it on GameFaqs. 

The original publication was on my blog, which also includes screenshots, including one of defeating the final boss, Chaos.


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