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Engineering Manager, Twitter
May 17, 2022
I wrote an article on performance management and calibration processes for LeadDev! Learn why calibration processes can be incredibly toxic if you’re not careful and what you can do to make them as helpful, inclusive, and equitable as possible. https://leaddev.com/mentoring-coaching-feedback/managers-guide-performance-calibration
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Open Source Technical Leader, Cisco
Apr 04, 2022
An important aspect and motivator of open source is empowerment. Open source has come a long way since the 1970s, but we have more work to do to make it accessible to the growing number of people interested in open source.

Read more in the third article in the social model of OSS on LeadDev about how empower your community members with the information they need to be productive with and within your open source project.

Want to catch up on the series? You can find all the prior pieces on my site.
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Open Source Technical Leader, Cisco
Feb 02, 2022
Transparency is key in open source. Openness is for more than just code — it's also for how we run the projects themselves. Read more about why operational transparency is important in my second LeadDev piece on the social model of OSS.
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Open Source Technical Leader, Cisco
Nov 29, 2021
What does #OpenSource look like beyond the license? How can we describe the structure and characteristics of a project using a shared vocabulary? I start to explore this by developing a social model of open source in my article on LeadDev.
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Senior Product Engineer , accuRx
Oct 07, 2021
Very excited to see my first article published by Lead Dev

Its a timely reminder on ensuring the return to office is as inclusive as possible. I hope it helps any engineering teams making this transition.

Have a read and let me know what you think!
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Host, Learn With Jason
Nov 16, 2021
It feels a little odd to hear people say they're spending more time in meetings with their team, yet feeling less connected. Why isn’t the extra time improving team connection? What’s going wrong?

I’m increasingly convinced that many remote teams are having the wrong kind of meetings.

I wrote a post on LeadDev about some of the strategies we're using to run better meetings that build a sense of community at work.
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