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Software Developer, Microsoft
Apr 02, 2021
Made a backend for accepting subscription emails for my upcoming game unescape.

I used
  • Netlify functions to host the api
  • MongoDB for collecting emails
  • Google Captcha to prevent automation
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Frontend Developer , Propfunds
Feb 04, 2022
Created a Rest API for the react project I'm currently working on. 
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Backend Software Engineer, Reveal
Sep 23, 2021
What would be the web without API's? Today I collected Data from the public Covid API and created a backend API comparing the French an German CovidCases by Day. 

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Trainee Full Stack Developer, Neue Fische - School and Pool for digital talents
Director, Telaco
Jul 02, 2021
Finished a client consultancy on no-code and low-code tools, assessing suitability for a project; wrote some serverless JavaScript functions to improve client workflow.
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Director, Telaco
Software Engineer, Smarthub.ai
Sep 01, 2020
Worked as a tech lead at an early-stage stealth startup for their Mar-tech business. Worked with Python, flask, Typescript, Angular, MySQL, sqlalchemy, Nginx, MongoDB, scikit-learn, pandas, POSTMAN, SoapUI, git, JIRA, and Confluence
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Senior Developer, FlipMetrics
Jun 18, 2021
I recently kicked off development of the REST API v2 for AffiliateWP. a complete affiliate marking solution for WordPress.

I'm super excited to take our REST API in some really interesting new directions, namely adding meta and settings support in some areas, and multi-functional endpoints in others.

A couple of the features I'm most looking forward to include:
  • An endpoint for tracking a conversion by creating visit and draft referral records in the same request, maybe even setting a first-party cookie
  • Making some of the v1 endpoints much more dynamic, such as adding the ability to set affiliate meta the same time an affiliate record is added or updated

The first version of our REST API was very much of the CRUD ilk – core had the read-only endpoints, and a pro add-on had the create, update, and delete endpoints. But it was all very vanila; create this thing with standard fields, query for that thing with generic parameters.

The REST API v2 is going to be quite a bit more dynamic, incorporating many of the lessons learned from v1 and injecting a healthy dose of utility and a dash of whimsy. Stay tuned!
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Development Manager (AffiliateWP), Sandhills Development, LLC