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Consultant / Storyteller, tsCreativ
May 25, 2022

I had an amazing Async Chat with Marie Poulin about neurodiversity. 

We talked about her diagnosis of ADHD, how it has changed her life, and what she does in lieu of it. 

Give it a read! 

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Consultant / Storyteller, tsCreativ
May 23, 2022

Email is Great

Stop trying to replace it

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Consultant / Storyteller, tsCreativ
May 16, 2022


Move through it, not past it


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_plastic age_ An historical period characterised by the use of plastic and ecological collapse and how life sciences scientists used AI to create an Enzyme that eats Plastic in a week https://marinatalamanou.substack.com/p/_plastic-age_ #science #health #drugdiscovery #AI #cancer #business #100daysofcode  #flutter #serverless  #metaphysicalcells #substack
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Consultant / Storyteller, tsCreativ
May 09, 2022

What it Means to be a Stoic

A few simple concepts


Stoicism has a lot of value in our philosophical and material lives. I think it can really allow people to live a more intentional life, which can lead to more satisfaction and personal meaning.
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Consultant / Storyteller, tsCreativ
May 02, 2022

Scaling vs Growth

Scaling is growth, multiplied

We need time, space, and agency to grow at our own paces. We need to be able to get better and worse at things, without being vilified for it.


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