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IT Specialist, ZENVIA
Apr 30, 2022

Adding the map component using the Amazon services to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 13 and adding the map MapLibre component using the Amazon Amplify Geo and Amazon Location Service services.

This tutorial was posted on Medium.

#angular #map #maplibre #amazon #aws #amplify #awscommunity #location #devcommunity #geo #geolocation
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Software developer Freelance, self-employed/freelance
Started 27 days ago
I wrote an article on using CSS gradients. There are various options you can use to change the look of gradients I explore a few of them. 

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Product Marketing Engineer, Curity
Apr 11, 2022
I wrote a tutorial on how to use federated login to sign in to the admin UI of the Curity Identity Server.

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Product Marketing Engineer, Curity
Principal Consultant and Founder, Neuron Consulting
Apr 08, 2022
Created a tutorial for building a classification model using Continual.ai and Snowflake. Comments and feedback are welcome! 

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