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Founder & CEO, No Code Family
Apr 21, 2022
When I realized my entire login was broken for many users...

Did you know it is a problem all companies have with Twitter login? Most founders I talked to decided to give up on twitter SSO login just for that reason.

But we found a solution and releasing it soon.

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Trusted Seed, TokenEngineeringCommons
Apr 20, 2022
Threw together another room to "stim" in. I've got so much love for the artists at the end of these pieces. I may not know all of them but they have all struck my soul with deep resonance through thier art. 

3D G A L L E R Y 👉🏾  https://oncyber.io/r-e-f-l-e-c-t  👈🏾
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Open Source Program Manager, Sourcegraph
Apr 14, 2022
Stay at home mom, Self-employed
Mar 22, 2022

¿En qué categoría de escritura narrativa me debes colocar?

En este Tweet te lo explico todo.

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