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I recently wrote a Twitter thread about some mystery traffic I had go to my personal blog. This traffic had no referrals listed so I suspect it was a link shared on some site with noreferrer set. That ruled out someone sharing the post on link aggregators like Reddit.

Also, when I do share posts on Reddit, 70% of the traffic is on mobile. 80% of this traffic was on desktop. That implied the post was shared at either a company's Slack (which sets norferrer) or several companies' Slack channels since the traffic was also global.

This all matters because I promote Dynomantle from my personal blog. This traffic ended up only getting me 2 signups when the bulk of it occurred, but I also noticed an increase in Dynomantle signups after the traffic bump. I'm going to continue investigation to see if I can capitalize on it or grow it using similar channels.
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Advisor To Early Stage Startups, Various
Oct 27, 2021
Wrote a tweet thread of the up-and-coming teenage startup founders out there today!

Check it out (and feel free to reach out if you want intros)

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Staff Software Engineer, Segment
Jul 08, 2021
Wrote about my Twitter bot
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Sr. Director of Product Development, Avoya Travel
Jul 09, 2021
I wrote a tweet thread on a new series about practical product management, which I'm thinking about regularly writing on. This particular thread is on seeking opportunities to reuse existing features, libraries and APIs, rather than assuming something new always needs to be built, and seeing those resources as a kind of toolset; the same way a visual designer uses a handful of tools to build all kinds of new things.
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Android Developer, Deque Systems
Jun 09, 2021
I wrote a thread on how Apple can improve on accessibility for deaf developers at their WWDC21 event and it's useful for many other companies out there.

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