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Developer Relations, Aviyel
May 06, 2022
DevRel as a Core is about building valuable connections with people through knowledge sharing

I thought of writing a thread on DevRel and my journey.

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Staff Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify
Apr 20, 2022

Netlify has released Edge Functions in beta! 

This was a HUGE project with a lot of moving parts across the organisation, and I'm excited to share something to help developers get started with Edge Functions.

As part of this launch, the Developer Experience team at Netlify built an Edge Functions example site. You can read up on Edge Functions, deploy the site to your own Netlify account, or fork the public repo on GitHub to try out the code for yourself.

But what are Edge Functions, and how do you use them? I shared my take in this twitter thread.
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Staff Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify
Data Engineer , General Motors
Mar 31, 2022
🦊 Let’s GIT it! 🦊

Check out my twitter thread on how to edit commit message for the latest commit !

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Software Engineer, O'Reilly Media
Mar 29, 2022
I posted a Twitter thread about DevRel resources for curious developers!

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Top Peoples to follow if you are getting into blockchain

Note: Everyone is Amazing.

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