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Front-end Developer and UI/UX Designer, C Steinweg Online
Apr 25, 2022

User research questions (SoulDoodle project)

Wrote an interview brief consisting of the goal, the list of questions to ask. Reworded the questions so that they were not leading. Tried to make the questions as non-biased as possible.

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Graphic Designer , Self-employed
Feb 13, 2022
Here´s my second project i worked on this last course, my role was from scratching the idea to delivery.  To develop solutions for this responsive website i interviewed some people to understand their needs. Some of the insights revealed from that research were that here in town there´s only one theater for premiere movies. The other closest ones are actually quite far from there, around 1 or two hourse away, even there there´s only a place to watch retro movies but it´s an auto theater and it doesn´t have a website to order in advance.  That´s why my solution came to life, if you want to review it fully, here´s the link to check it out.


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Teaching Assistant, Section4
Nov 18, 2021
I worked with the Design and Product team from Lilt to create prototypes for one of their internal project management tool, Service Hub.
  • Conducted user interviews with expert users
  • Wrote research report 
  • Designed interactive prototypes
  • Designed UI components 
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Lead Product Designer, Lilt
Nov 18, 2021
Working on Service Hub, the internal product designed to give our internal project management team superpowers. Work includes:

  • managing the ongoing design and providing feedback
  • figuring out technical feasibility of adapting the design to our internal process toolset
  • implementing parts of the UI using our internal process toolset
  • working with internal Operations teams on building out the dashboards
Jun 30, 2020
Ended my journey as a Product Manager Intern at Amazon!

  • Lead Amazon Australia's first user research project to understand Australian seller behaviours
  • Developed new price competiveness metrics for Account Managers to track and improve improve seller success
  • Created new dashboards for Seller Success Program Managers 
  • Developed hi-fidelity wireframes for Amazon seller page
  • My strategy recommendations were included in Amazon Australia 3rd Party marketplace yearly report
  • Finally learnt how to use SQL and Tableau! 
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Senior Product Manager, Claimer
Jul 23, 2021
Started a new research study at Claimer to learn more about underserved needs in the market.
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