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Ph.D Researcher, University of Delhi
Apr 12, 2022
It's been a couple of weeks since I've been on Polywork and I have to say  that I LOVE it here. It is definitely a platform that is distinct from the rest. I have learnt so much about so many other fields and the awesome stuff  people are doing, startups they are launching, apps and web portals they are working on, stuff they are designing, testing, etc. 
There is this 'no fixed labels' attitude here and that makes sharing what one does with so much ease, we have our many sides and that's what we get to portray. 
I love the user interface, so crisp and clean, and I am so glad to witness a sort of interdisciplinarity here in terms of diversity of content and people. I must congratulate the team! Polywork successfully translates their 'why we started this' statement in to practice. Good luck for a journey that's bound to go onwards and upwards. 
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Chief Systems Engineer, icze4r
Mar 22, 2022
7:26 PM
Received permission to use Custom VIP Invite Link

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Product Ambassador, Wikimedia Foundation
Mar 18, 2022
At Polywork, I found safe haven to share all of my activities (including personal one) and not afraid for being not-so-professional. And I really proud of Polywork for make this happen to anyone.

Because of that, I already made post on my personal Facebook with CTA (call to action) invite my friends to use Polywork. Some of my friends are already here and hopefully they are feeling same appreciation (from Polywork community) as myself.

P.S. for my friends:
Bagi teman-teman yang membaca pos ini, saya ucapkan selamat datang di Polywork. Semoga kalian bisa merasa nyaman di sini.

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Product Manager, Zoho Corporation
Mar 11, 2022
I shared my thoughts about some of the things that excite me about Polywork - being able to express myself as a whole person, as well as the immense opportunities for focused collaboration.  

Read my blog here. https://blog.polywork.com/why-im-excited-about-polywork/
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Content Creator, Self-employed
Feb 27, 2022
I've talked about PolyWork on YouTube!
I belive in this social so I decided to talk about it a video in my YT channel. I told about the mission, the invite system, the HighLight and its potential.
Here's the link ⬇️

Ho parlato di PolyWork su YouTube!
Credo molto in questo social quindi ho deciso di condividerlo con i miei follower nel mio canale yt. Ho parlato del suo scopo, del sistema ad inviti, dei post e del suo potenziale.
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Marketing specialist, Sagiss, LLC
Feb 13, 2022
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