Wrote an AWS Lambda Function

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Developer Experience, Begin
Jan 21, 2022
Last night I started toying with SSR Marko.js in a Lambda with Architect. 
I've got the basics or Marko working out of the box, but still piecing together the bundled version with Vite + SSR for the full feature set.

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Senior Software Engineer, Airbnb
May 21, 2022
I'm migrating https://www.check-run-reporter.com from EC2 and Aurora Postgres to Lambda and DynamoDB. 

Mostly, I'm doing this for to save costs. When my AWS credits run out, this project will be burning about $200 a month simply because Aurora Serverless is neither serverless nor cheap. More importantly to my customers, this change should also address the latency spikes they keep seeing because Aurora Serverless has been goofy since the AWS outage caused by the Let's Encrypt root certificate expiration this past fall.
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CEO, Ian Remmel, LLC
Principal Engineer, Owl Labs
Aug 19, 2021
Deep dive into throttling an SQS + Lambda workflow in order to handle tens of thousands of updates and remote API calls.
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Continued with building the data pipeline with the processor component that takes images downloaded to an S3 bucket and using scikit-learn and OpenCV2 for python, detects the N most frequent colors in an image and records them to a data structure to be used later. 

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