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Software Engineer, Cisco Meraki
Jul 16, 2021
In 2021 @Bloomberg, I led a project that generated $1+ million in contracts (in 3 months post release) for the group in which I worked (~25 engineers). It propelled the group to be profitable for the first time since its inception at the company and was the first external API the larger Sell Side group (250+ engineers) launched.

Some highlights:

  • As mentioned, generated $1+ million in contracts in the first three months post release
  • Written in Python using Flask, Server-Sent Events, and RabbitMQ
  • Live data-streaming (fire hose API) of millions of daily financial events

Image from https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/what-is-an-api.
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Sr Developer Advocate, Postman
Started 3 months ago
Working on a blog post about how Postman tracks variables between collection requests, akin to functional programming, where the output of one request can be used as the input for a subsequent request.
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Software Developer, Thoughtworks
May 01, 2021
Assigned to work on implementing gamification features for a NGO Client's android mobile application for children to read books. 

- Used Django to create a backend API for tracking reading time accumulated by users, collection of badges, and streaks. Also created an Admin Dashboard for the client to easily add new missions, badges and award badges to users if there are edge cases that the system fails to detect to reward badges.
- Implemented gamification features in the Android app using recommended app architecture of LiveData and ViewModel.
- Created mockups to cover missing edge cases of initial design and also created mockups for future stories that can be worked on to add more value to the app.

Tech stack: Android (Java), Django DRF, AWS
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Software Developer, Thoughtworks
Software Engineer, AirCarbon Ptd Lte
Oct 29, 2021
One more starter for API


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Senior Software Developer, Paymentshield Ltd
Jul 01, 2019
I was the initiative lead on the design, build, and documentation of the Paymentshield REST API.
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Lead Technical Writer, Asobo Studio
Mar 01, 2021
Initial Launch Of The MSFS SDK Public Docs!


The first draft of the documentation for Microsoft Flight Simulator when live on this day... Although woefully lacking in information, it was still a very big deal for me as it was the first public reveal of the work I'd been doing for the first few months at Asobo (as time has passed, it's been updated and improved, and is currently - as of June - about 70% complete). Although, in reality, it'll probably never be complete as the game and the SDK are going to be constantly evolving and changing. But I suppose that's half the fun of my job, isn't it? Constantly iterating over what's gone before, while learning new things and helping other people learn at the same time! :)
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