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RedwoodJS, RedwoodJS
Apr 23, 2022

ETH Amsterdam - Scaling Ethereum Slides

The current Ethereum network only creates a new block every 12 to 14 seconds. The growing user base increasingly strains the network leading to rising transaction fees. Various new techniques have been created to alleviate this strain on the network.

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Staff Software Engineer, Zinc
Mar 28, 2022
My talk proposal Building your first IDP with CDKTF and TypeScript was accepted! I will be speaking at PlatformCon on 9-10th June, 2022.
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Developer Relations, CoderPad
Sep 27, 2021
I gave a talk at GitKon!


This talk touches on Git works internally, how to do advanced Git data loss recovery, and more!
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Digital Technology Leader, IKEA
Apr 29, 2021
Later today (or technically very early today) I'll be presenting my talk on creating an RxJS Library for the RxJS Live! Asia conference
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