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Released CaptionThis - a game where you're presented with a new comic daily and challenge friends to write the funniest captions.

Check out CaptionThis out here
Open-Source code is available here
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Created a music discovery site that randomly selects an album from RateYourMusic's top 2000 albums. This website will give you information on a randomly selected record such as the average user score and genre.

Check the website out here
Open-Source code is available here
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Barista, Rubinstein Bagels
Apr 12, 2022
Starting working on an HTML template site geared towards personal trainers to use as a codebase that I can rapidly customize and provide to potential customers. Going to be the first of three potential product tiers I'll be offering to clients when I get off the ground.
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Pharmacy Tech, Family Foot & Ankle
Apr 09, 2022
I added an Edit Url modal to my http request builder to make modifying the url and params easier.

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Apr 08, 2022

Updating Projects : Continued

Continuing to update my GA portfolio - I finalized updating the README's for my GitHub projects, including a mental health blog/app we created called WellNest.

Tech Stack
The app is built out with React, uses a Python Flask API and serves data from a Postgres database.

About WellNest  🧠
The project- WellNest - WellNest is a blogging platform/application created to provide a safe space for fostering mental health awareness.
The app's goal is to help you find your wings by initiating and maintaining a positive dialogue among peer support networks. This effort hopes to encourage communication surrounding mental health and wellness in order to break the stigma.

Guests can stay up to date with relevant news provided by the NHS or write blogs about their experiences.

Have a Look 👀
Want to have a look at the app? Visit the site 👉

Suggestions Welcome!
Checkout my team's READme and please send us any suggestions 👉
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Pharmacy Tech, Family Foot & Ankle
Apr 02, 2022
I updated my stack overflow bookmark searching site to allow searching through any stack site associated with the user's profile.

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