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This fall, I graduated as an LFX Mentee from Vitess Project. Here lies my journey as a beginner trying to make an impact with my code.

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Software Engineer, CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)
I started a series on using AWS Lambda and Route 53 to create a toy URL Shortener.
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Software Engineer / Solutions Architect, Devoteam Portugal
Apr 25, 2022
Been playing a bit with Go the last couple of days.

Ported my "OOPs, I did it again" presentation C# code to Go, to get a feel for things.

I'm pretty sure the code is not idiomatic Go, and Go developers would butcher me in a review, but hey, gotta start somewhere 🤣.

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Senior Technical Account Manager, GitLab
Started about 1 month ago
Discovering Cobra and Viper  (awesome tools to develop CLI with GoLang)
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Director of Infrastructure, nVisium
Nov 27, 2020
Revived an old project, DNSBL service written in Golang that I first worked on in 2015. Sectioned it out of the project it was part of and released it on it's own.

Link to the GitHub project
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Director of Infrastructure, nVisium
Mar 10, 2022
Created a Open Source Calendly API Wrapper in Golang for ease of integrating the service into other platforms I use.

Link to the project on GitHub
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