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Released CaptionThis - a game where you're presented with a new comic daily and challenge friends to write the funniest captions.

Check out CaptionThis out here
Open-Source code is available here
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Senior Level Web Developer, Still River Creative
May 13, 2022
Updated and re-released the Slinky stack for RapidWeaver. A hybrid navigation menu / toggle accordion.
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Created a music discovery site that randomly selects an album from RateYourMusic's top 2000 albums. This website will give you information on a randomly selected record such as the average user score and genre.

Check the website out here
Open-Source code is available here
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Freelancer, Freelancing
Apr 25, 2022
What's that hack terminal in FiveM? xD niceeeeĀ 
more modules when?
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Barista, Rubinstein Bagels
Apr 12, 2022
Starting working on an HTML template site geared towards personal trainers to use as a codebase that I can rapidly customize and provide to potential customers. Going to be the first of three potential product tiers I'll be offering to clients when I get off the ground.
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Pharmacy Tech, Family Foot & Ankle
Apr 09, 2022
I added an Edit Url modal to my http request builder to make modifying the url and params easier.

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