Wrote machine learning model

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DevSecOps Specialist, Xurya Daya Indonesia
Feb 02, 2021
Well this photo explains everything.
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Software Engineer, CertiK
Feb 18, 2022
I developed a machine learning model that can classify food images and deployed it as a RESTful API service using FastAPI, Docker and Heroku

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Full Stack Dev, Self-employed
Jan 10, 2020
Further down the Deep Learning road
Urge to know more about AI, led me to Andrew Ng's awesome Deep Learning Specialization and Machine Learning on Coursera. It was a great experience! I got an even more vivid view of and inner workings of deep learning models that are used in practice!
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Volunteer, ElleHacks
Jan 15, 2021
Started work on a project related to healthcare domain. The features are :-
1. Embedded sensors based parameters monitoring
2. Fall detection and warning mechanism
3. Dashboard visuals for display - mobile and web
4. Medicine recommendation system based on market basket analysis
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