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Vlad N


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Janitor, Websquad
Oct 25, 2021
 KRAAL is a village of art and design where interdisciplinary artists work together
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Web Developer, AndrewBraun.dev
Nov 18, 2021
Wrote a custom WordPress plugin that extends JetPackCRM functionality to email agents every day and remind them who they need to contact. Not publish-ready, but works very well on the site it's meant for! 

I used SQL queries, WP Cron, activation hooks, and wp_mail.
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Technical Trainer | cPanel University Lead, WebPros
Nov 16, 2021
As I've been working more and more with my team's site/application, the better and better I've been getting with decoupling code and figuring out the best way to create functions for various tasks. Reviewing existing code isn't always easy, but it's a great learning opportunity.
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Technical Trainer | cPanel University Lead, WebPros
Staff Software Engineer, Segment
May 19, 2003
Created first post on my own website blog!
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Senior Software Engineer, The Walt Disney Company
Jul 19, 2021
Getting the last, or our beta round going on Honors WP.
Excited to start sharing the plugins we have and our plans for them.

MORE excited about the fun WordPress LMS community I'm working on.

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Directora, Aleare Design
Jun 29, 2021
Testing this new simple uploader web for a client, made in PHP and styled with Bootstrap.
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