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Chief Engineer, AigleSoft
Sep 10, 2021
Deployed the insufficient MS-Fixes for CVE-2021-40444 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
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DevOps Architect, Advisor360
Sep 04, 2021
Anyone else get giddy when they write some new code that just comes to life by dynamically injecting data from an external source and does something else with it?

I now have some PowerShell that calls an API, loops through the records, and makes my life easier... all with just running a single script.
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Enterprise Architect, Teledyne Technologies
Aug 13, 2021
Continuing my efforts to document and share the things I've learned and solutions I've hacked together while working on a VMware vRealize Automation project, I wrote up the details of how I got vRA to register static DNS records in Microsoft DNS by using a Windows SSH host as an intermediary. That let me use the DNS PowerShell cmdlets included in RSAT without complicated nested authentication problems.  
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Enterprise Architect, Teledyne Technologies
Apr 19, 2021
In this post, I explore two enhancements to the vRealize Orchestrator workflow cobbled together for generating unique hostnames which comply with a defined naming standard:
  1. Leveraging vRO's built-in Active Directory plugin to connect to AD and run a search to make sure a computer object with the proposed hostname doesn't already exist.
  2. Importing the DnsClient-PS PowerShell module to vRO and using that to query DNS to make sure that hostname doesn't have a record already.
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Senior Content Architect, Remediation, Pluralsight
Sep 01, 2018
Developed Automated Citrix VDA 7.15 Management Platform
Non-profits can't afford to waste time with poor desktop performance, small technical teams can't afford to waste time chasing routine issues, and small technical teams in non-profits can't afford expensive tooling.

Our Citrix farm was prone to a few key issues, and the available tooling wasn't helping to resolve it. Developed a suite of PowerShell scripts to automate the monitoring and resolution of issues across our new 7.15 LTS farm.

No fancy databases, or long development cycles. Simple tools to solve routine headaches.
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Product Owner (Interim) / Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Coventry Building Society
Jul 11, 2021
I am starting a new personal project to improve my GoLang programming skills. I have always been interested in identity management, which has so far focused on the directory services and debugging identity management systems. 

This project will identify where the users and groups in Active Directory are configured on Windows member servers, in the various locations that authorisation can be granted. 

A client application will collect the information using a local PowerShell session in GoLang and return the results to a central API endpoint.  

The challenge on this project will be to efficiently store a large amount of data, allowing for updates and deletions to the database, and providing reporting capabilities that can make this data accessible and usable. 

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