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Cybersecurity Professional, Self
Apr 09, 2022


LinkedIn Rejections, in an instant!

Have you ever applied for a job on LinkedIn?

Have you had to wait days and days, only to receive an automated rejection email?


Now you and your loved ones can experience the crippling and pointless annoyance of rejection in an instant!

- Using random and the small bit pf Python I remember now you can be automatically be rejected by a random company that uses these LinkedIn rejections hand curated from my own mailbox.


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Site Reliability Engineer - Toolbox@IBM, IBM
Apr 22, 2022
Started making a discord-bot that will keep threads alive by automatically un-archiving them as soon as they are archived

I call it..... Lazarus-bot!
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FullStack Developer, Myriad Connect
May 01, 2020
Internship on automating QA for Smart Home at SoftAtHome. Full remote because of Covid but interesting nonetheless.
I mainly used RobotFramework, MQTTExplorer and a bit of Python.
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QA Automation Technician, SoftAtHome
Software Engineer, Cisco Meraki
Jul 16, 2021
In 2021 @Bloomberg, I led a project that generated $1+ million in contracts (in 3 months post release) for the group in which I worked (~25 engineers). It propelled the group to be profitable for the first time since its inception at the company and was the first external API the larger Sell Side group (250+ engineers) launched.

Some highlights:

  • As mentioned, generated $1+ million in contracts in the first three months post release
  • Written in Python using Flask, Server-Sent Events, and RabbitMQ
  • Live data-streaming (fire hose API) of millions of daily financial events

Image from https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/what-is-an-api.
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Apr 08, 2022

Updating Projects : Continued

Continuing to update my GA portfolio - I finalized updating the README's for my GitHub projects, including a mental health blog/app we created called WellNest.

Tech Stack
The app is built out with React, uses a Python Flask API and serves data from a Postgres database.

About WellNest  🧠
The project- WellNest - WellNest is a blogging platform/application created to provide a safe space for fostering mental health awareness.
The app's goal is to help you find your wings by initiating and maintaining a positive dialogue among peer support networks. This effort hopes to encourage communication surrounding mental health and wellness in order to break the stigma.

Guests can stay up to date with relevant news provided by the NHS or write blogs about their experiences.

Have a Look 👀
Want to have a look at the app? Visit the site 👉

Suggestions Welcome!
Checkout my team's READme and please send us any suggestions 👉
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Assistant Editor, KDnuggets
Apr 05, 2022

How to Execute SQL Queries in Python and R Tutorial

Learn easy and effective ways to run SQL queries in Python and R for data analysis and database management.
How to Execute SQL Queries in Python and R Tutorial - DataCamp
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Data Science Copywriter, DataCamp