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Developer Advocate, Suborbital Software Systems
Apr 27, 2022
Live streamed with Connor seeing how Ruby fits into WebAssembly, and how we can start integrating Ruby into the Suborbital ecosystem.

Learned loads!

Recording here 
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Software Engineer, Procurated
Apr 14, 2022
I parallelized the tests + redid the Circle CI at Procurated for Hack Day today! Tests previously completed in about 17-18 mins, and they now only take 6-8 mins :) 

It was a little tricky getting code coverage to still work, but luckily our Head of Engineering, Dave, pointed me in the right direction. Ended up using SimpleCov's collate feature to merge all of the tests after they finished.
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Software Engineer, Procurated
Ruby on Rails developer | Test Automation Engineer, Salves Testservices Zorg B.V.
Oct 26, 2021
Just added Hotwire to my new Rails application, super excited to use it!
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