Adaugo Jennifer Iheanacho
  • @adaugojennifer_i
Hi there, I am iheanacho Adaugo Jennifer, I would love to address you like a well known acquaintance! I can easily say that nothing rivals my passion for communicating/ interacting with people as I have a strong aptitude to do so. As an adept community manager in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, Nfts and web3 space, my goal is to be the glue that cements your project and your community, aligns both goals and help them understand why your project has the best visions and why your community/customers should
keep choosing you. My specialty is community management and content writing with vast experience working with different projects. Overtime I have developed extra skills in marketing, project management and meeting up with time constraints as well as providing quality customer services. On boarding potential clients, answering all their queries and making them understand why they need/should love your project/brand and the value you have to offer. I am hardworking, passionate and dedicated to any project I commit to, hence I give my best shot at making sure my job is done efficiently and provide a conducive and all inclusive environment for the community to thrive.
I believe my experiences and transferable skills, business acumen and communication skills among others is an asset to any organization, I add value wherever I am.

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Telegram: @thedugo
I'm always receptive to hearing from you and building more
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