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Nov 16, 2021
Received a shoutout
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I earned "OSS Documentarian" and "OSS Mentor" badges on Hashnode's Open-Source October!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Nov 06, 2021
Got onto CodeNewbie's Newsletter
Featured article on CodeNewbie
My article, Contributing To Open-Source 101, got onto CodeNewbie's newsletter! πŸŽ‰
Nov 03, 2021
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One great write-up from Lewis about his experience in Hacktoberfest 2021! πŸ™Œ

Lewis also mentioned me in this article! ❀
Thank you so much, Lewis!
Nov 02, 2021
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πŸŽ‰ My article, Contributing To Open-Source 101, got ontoΒ  Top 7 Featured DEV Posts from the Past Week
Oct 24, 2021
Featured article on Hashnode
Oct 01, 2021
Received a shoutout
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Virtual coffee
Virtual Coffee β˜•
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My article, "I Have Been Writing A Blog For 10 Months: Here Is My Story", is featured in Virtual Coffee Newsletter!

I also got shoutouts several times in this October's newsletter! πŸ’–

Thank you Virtual Coffee!Β 
I'm proud to be one of you! ❀
Sep 29, 2021
Featured in an article
My article "Why Ethics In Contributing To Open-Source Matters" got into the list of open-source resource articles,Β  The Open Source & Hacktoberfest AnthologyπŸŒ»πŸ”–, by Estee Tey.
Thank you, Estee! πŸ˜„ Β 
Sep 28, 2021
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Published an article on Hashnode
Published an article on DEV
Published an article on CodeNewbie
Featured article on Hashnode
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