Aditya Dhiman
  • @adityadhiman12
A strong believer in "Consistency Is The Key".

I am an enthusiastic and goal-oriented personality.

I opened my first computer book which was Kip's publication and on the first page, there was a picture of Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin. I didn't know who they were unless I searched about them and then I started reading about their work and got really inspired which ended up me experimenting with my computer software which was windows XP at that time and then eventually crashing it.
So that was the first time I fell in love with the whole concept of `software and computer` and as we all know rest is history for us.
So starting from QBASIC to HTML to XML to DOS to C to C++ and the list goes on...
I never looked back.

On my never ending journey of knowledge, I learnt the following skills along the way :
πŸ“Œ Languages: C++, Java, Python, Javascript
πŸ“Œ Tools and Framework : Node.js, Java, Gradle, Elastic Search
πŸ“Œ Databases: MongoDB, MySQL

According to me, software development is a never-ending puzzle that I am passionately engaged in solving. I believe in the power of programming to transform and improve the lives of people around me, this is what keeps me up at night, a never-ending thirst to create beautiful, powerful things and share them with the world.

I am also an avid problem solver, you can find me on the following websites :
πŸ’» CodeChef :
πŸ’» HackerRank :
πŸ’» InterviewBit :
πŸ’» Geekforgeeks :
πŸ’» GitHub :

Outside work hours, I focus on mental and physical fitness as more you help your body, the more you help your mind.
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