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I first learnt about Semantic Search as a topic when I attended a hackathon in Nov of 2020.  This really opened my eyes about Semantic Search , but what I didn't know was how scarce consolidated resources were indeed! I couldn't find a good book or let's say a course!

I spent almost approx 6 months reading related papers, also tried to make a small semantic search system of my own, and oh boy I realized how much I didn't know about this field!
After multiple failed iterations of my project and having collected so many resources . The closest I came was this image, which again had flaws.

I decided I would consolidate all of them in one place and Open Source it ! Cause why the hell not!!

Therefore I finally created 'Awesome Semantic Search' cause search is awesome isn't it we use Googl,DuckDuckgo,etc, use Image Search,search for stuff on Amazon, use Google lens but rarely do we try and read and know about it!

Finishing this post abruptly,here's the link to Awesome Semantic Search Repo!
I'm always looking for people in different domains to add papers related to search or tasks mentioned in the repository!
Agrover112/awesome-semantic-search: A curated list of awesome resources related to Semantic Search🔎 and Semantic Similarity tasks. (