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Ahmed El Taweel

πŸ‘‹ A Product-Driven, Business-Oriented software engineer with more than 5 years of experience working with national and international remote and in-office agile teams building B2C/B2B products.

- πŸ’¬ Python, Django, Bash, PostgreSQL, Docker, gRPC, REST, ElasticSearch, Celery, Pub/Sub, CI/CD, Service Oriented Architecture, Agile (Scrum & Kanban), Software Testing, Software Release Process, move from monolith to SOA.

- πŸ“„ Being a software engineer, I do my best to build accurate and reliable software solutions to solve business and technical problems. And I do so following the best engineering processes, maintain cross-team communication channels, and applying Agile approaches. Also, I try to make the work easier and cleaner by adopting proper architecture alongside automating all routine tasks, maintaining a healthy environment to focus more on productivity, and reduce conflict through all the different phases of an application from start to deliver.

Aside from that, I enjoy explaining computer stuff, that’s why I give public talks and sessions - online and offline - on and off-campus on the latest technologies.
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