Alberto Camillo
  • @alberto_camill_1
  • Alberto is a Product Manager by day and a Lifelong Learner & Tech Savvy by night. Currently working at Avant Practice Solutions, based in Sydney, New South Wales.
  • Sydney, New South Wales
Alberto is an experienced Technical Product Manager from Sydney, New South Wales. They have a strong background in technology, a passion for gaming and an enthusiasm for volleyball. With over 16 years of experience, Alberto is an expert in their field.
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Apr 2021 - Present

Technical Product Manager, Avant Practice Solutions

Apr 2021 - Present

Technical Product Manager - Technology in Practice, Avant Mutual

Aug 2020 - Present

Volleyball Coach (NSW State Level 2 Coach), Bossley Volley Incorporated

Jan 2012 - Present

Digital Communication, Università degli Studi di Milano