Aldrich Alvarez
  • @aldrichalvarez
  • 🚀Startup Enthusiast 💻Python Developer 🤖 AI & Machine Learning
  • Philippines
  • He/Him/His

Hey, Welcome to my Profile 👋

Hi 👋 I am Aldrich, a 16 y/o Tech Entrepreneur, Python Developer & an AI Enthusiast. I am interested in learning technology and computer science related stuff such as Machine Learning, Data Science and Software Development using free & paid internet resources such as Youtube videos, online courses etc. Python is my most used programming language and I also develop React Native apps. I love attending to hackathons and other startup competitions. I had my first internship at Blueberry Markets as a Frontend Developer where I use HTML, Bootstrap, Javascript and Python for building landing pages for the company's marketing campaigns. I am also passionate in entrepreneurship, problem solving & building startups.
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