alessandro rossi

Analyst and operative for thirty years in the area of innovation intelligence.
My fields are finance, digital rights, fiscal and banking planning, industrial, social and cultural applications of DLT protocols and WEB 3.0 developments in educational and cultural contexts.
My business is the production of operational scenarios and analyzes in the medium-long term and operational support to medium-small businesses and individuals.
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  • Kaygo LTD
  • Jul 2021 - Present

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Jan 10, 2022
Jan 10, 2022
Shadowed an Intelligence Analyst
Mentored an Intelligence Analyst
Web3 project
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Innovation Intelligence Review #19

We are on Medium and RSS 👇 Short weekly review to facilitate deepening about innovative medium-term themes and scenarios in the social-tech fields 👇
This week:
AI GPT-3, Biometrics as Check-In; Crypto: Facebook, Geo, Bullshit; Cyber Mercenaries, Privacy, Security Your Digital Life, Essay, I wish I had written it

AI, how GPT-3 works, an example of a massive neuronal network and debate on it, innovation intelligence by Towards Data Science

Biometrics, face scanning and recognition Biometrics is becoming, for US airports and customs, the main tool for controlling the flow of passengers and those who cross borders, logical security by NYT

Crypto (1), Facebook (Libra, Novi, Diem…) bye-bye, David Marcus, the manager hired in 2019 to launch the Facebook crypocurrency (stablecoins), walked away from the project, most likely placing the gravestone of the initiative in this way. The financial system has also proved to be reactive towards those who can count three billion global users: however the last word is not said because the Meta metaverse necessarily needs a crypto to work …

Crypto (2), geo-adoption (.pdf file), periodic report on the adoption and global use of cryptocurrencies, crypto intelligence by Chainalysis

Crypto (3) bullshit, a good list of the worst crypto projects proposed around the world in recent times, crypto intelligence by Rest of World

Cyber Mercenaries (1), analysis on Access-as-a-Service of offensive cyber capabilities (OCC): beyond any governmental control, and with the complicity of the governments themselves, they have become simply commercial services available to public and private intelligence, cyber intelligence by Atlantic Council

...Cyber Mercenaries (2), consequently the data show how the main world security and army fairs are proving to be an irreplaceable source of direct marketing and communication for OCC service providers, cyber intelligence market by Atlantic Council

Privacy, Trust is a pan-European project (video), funded through Horizon-2020, to create a framework and a secure platform for exchanging user data in different digital markets: will it ever have factual results?

Security your digital life (1), bases, scenario and solutions to try to solve the problem of digital intrusions on your own (in four parts), individual intelligence by ARS Technica

Security your digital life (2), test with a scientific approach in the evaluation of professional and do-it-yourself solutions to isolate cell phones, individual intelligence by Matt Blaze

Essay 🧐

In this analysis the concept of ‘peaking power trap’, that is how armed conflicts, historically, can be unleashed when for a sense of imminent danger starts to replace a feeling of limitless possibility. And China is now in this situation, geopolitics and geoeconomics by Foreign Policy

Until a few years ago, escaping into the wilderness was synonymous with a healthy remedy: now it is synonymous with technological offline, social intelligence by Real Life


I wish I had written it 😒

If digital garbage is followed it is because there are people who read it, share it and bounce it, identifying themselves with the unhappiness differently expressed by the garbage itself. The internet has amplified the problem and the people involved, social intelligence by The Atlantic

The three political social disruption factors that lead to revolutions are historically common: they are all occurring now, social intelligence by Aeon


Dec 29, 2021
Dec 29, 2021
Shadowed an Intelligence Analyst
Mentored an Intelligence Analyst

Innovation Intelligence Review #18

AI and Democracy, China and…,Cash and CBDCs, Israel and Innovation, Metaverse Fears, Post Pandemia Behaviors, Robots by Children, Smart-Contract and Law, Essay, Funny

AI and democracy, what does it mean? This good paper tries to give answers to a question whose answer everyone takes for granted but is not at all, ethic intelligence by Johannes Himmelreich, Syracuse University

CBDCs and cash, because governments are in such a hurry to introduce them: ease of payments, monetary policy and smart-contracts are certainly good reasons but control is the most pressing need, cash intelligence by The Economist

China and democracy definition, a deep article, full of useful links, on the Chinese idea of democracy and its differences from the Western idea, social intelligence by Quartz

China and platform economy, in response to key issues about the development of China’s platform economy, the National School of Development at Peking University created a task force devoted to studying innovation and supervision of the platform economy in June 2021. Below is a November 18 presentation of the task force’s findings, economic intelligence by Peking University

China and innovation lexicon, the mean of ‘Heikeji 黑科技 [black technology]’ neologism in all its meanings, in short used to indicate futuristic developments and opaque innovations, any technology characterized by a novelty yet to be fully grasped, harboring both promise and threat, social intelligence by Gabriel de Seta, A New AI Lexicon

Israel and innovation, in the country of innovation and start-ups it has been known (in Italian) for years that the young people who serve as conscripts in the various cyber-units of the IDF (Israeli army) have the open gates in the private sector afterwards to be able to develop accumulated knowledge and potential. But now this is becoming a social and political problem with respect to the importance given to various roles into the IDF, innovation intelligence by The Times of Israel, Rest of World and (😄 video) Mako

Metaverse and potential dangers, in the analyzes by professionals begin to take shape the concepts about the pervasive danger of the metaverse if those who manage the platforms are always the same, innovation intelligence by Louis Rosemberg, Big Think,

Post Pandemia Behaviors, it may seem that post-pandemic macro behaviors are following those of past pandemics, however the technological and social assumptions are completely different, social intelligence by The Economist

Robotics and children, when children design a robot according to their own schemes, completely different from those of adults as well as completely different is the result, social intelligence by IEEE Spectrum

Smart-Contact and Law, a study by the European Commission on the relationship between smart contracts and bottlenecks for legal recognition that the current regulatory framework presents, legal tech intelligence by Thibault Schrepel
--- Essay 🧐

Physics tries to understand its future among the many available and not always coherent ways,by The Economist
Funny 🙂

Die Whit Me, a mobile app that is activated when the charge of the device goes below 5% and allows you to exchange the latest digital farewell messages with those in the same conditions in the rest of the world,
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Jul 01, 2021
Jul 01, 2021
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