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Alexander Muithi

🎁Transform your business at the speed of data, anticipate the future, innovate smarter, challenge perspectives, and take hold of opportunities. 

That’s the power of putting your data to work with Alexander Mukunzi.🚀

⭐ Alexander is the catalyst that brings your brand, stakeholders, data, and decisions together to build, and delivers better products, creates delightful customer experiences, resulting in accelerated💰 growth 📈 and impact.

Let’s face it – Winning with data in the real world is hard. 

By harnessing the foresight and precision of data with human understanding of contexts, and relationships, we’re helping startups, small to large to enterprise Fortune 500 companies harmonize the power of their data and people, absorb complexity, transmit clarity, see further and innovate faster.

Alexander is a Certified Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer with a rich background and expertise in data product management, business intelligence, data science, machine learning, and software engineering.

We blend our industry & functional expertise to deliver high-impact data science services–from strategy consulting, end-to-end project development, and comprehensive training as well as supporting our customers’ existing data science as a service software/ initiatives across different functions and industries📊

We are happy when our teamwork pays off in a tangible way, such as:👨‍💻

👉 100 times faster data reporting.
👉 20% revenue increase.
👉 80% reduction of operational costs.
👉 25% reduction in churn rate
👉 77% improvement in the customer support experience

👩‍🏫 Helping bridge the technology skills gap for the underserved talents in Kenya and globally is our top priority agenda.

Through the Deeplearning.AI Nairobi Community, we've spearheaded partnerships and collaborations with NVIDIA, Udacity, Coursera, PACKT, and Datacamp. 

We’ve developed initiatives and tailored programs that drive greater inclusion and diversity in the data science field by providing free data educational and professional opportunities to over 9,000+ highly deserving Kenyans and the black community at large.

We’ve been recognized globally as a top expert in data science on dozens of lists over the last 3 years. 

Coursera, Deeplearning.AI, Oracle Africa, Dr. Andrew Ng, and the Ministry of Education (Kenya)🏅 have feted Alexander for his advocacy efforts and contributions in increasing the participation, inclusivity, representation and diversity of the black people in the data field, and creating robust pipelines of qualified, trained and talented tech professionals.
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