Alexander Rose
  • @alexanderhrose
  • Data Analytics — Digital Transformation in GSC
  • Salt Lake City Metro Area
  • (He/Him)
I'm a digital marketer turned decision scientist that helps marketers thoughtfully collect, analyze, and act on client data in ways that personalize messaging and drive consumers to action.

During my 5 years in the digital marketing industry, I've seen time and time again that many marketers don't have access to data that they can trust. Savvy marketers want to be data-driven; I can make that happen.

►I leverage a digital marketing/advertising background to develop measurement systems for marketing campaigns that track the metrics that matter most.
►Once I've helped your organization start collecting relevant data, I'm skilled at using leading analytical tools to go beyond descriptive analysis and show you what happened and why (I'm currently seeking certifications in SQL, R, and Python).
►Armed with these insights, I excel at working directly with your team to turn insight into action. Whether we're developing a message testing roadmap, improving communication workflows, or optimizing your programmatic ad spend, I'll help your organization deliver results that will win and retain clients.

►I'm thoughtful and intensely collaborative.
►I love to take complex problems, trace them back to their roots, and then develop potential solutions with a team.
►I'm at my best when I have the opportunity to learn, practice, and teach as part of a dedicated team.

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