Alexandra Leloup
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Hi there,

My name is Alexandra, I am 37 years old, and a proud mom of a boy.

I studied abroad (London) and lived in 3 different countries (UK, Spain and Australia). I like to say I am a citizen of the world and I always enjoy discovering new cultures (I enjoyed traveling to the US and Asia for work!).

I am a seasoned Product Manager with more than 10 years of experience building and scaling products in B2B2C SaaS platforms, e-commerce, marketing, BI and B2C mobile apps. I have a rare balance of business, marketing and technical strengths, and a deep love for product and most of all, for users problems! I now manage a team of 30+ people, including PMs, a Head of Engineering, developers and QA Analysts.

When I don't work, I enjoy painting, going around the city and taking pictures with my super Canon 6D, I also like doing some carpentry and I have a passion for interior architecture! Besides, I am passionate for music and dance - I even used to give classes of Latin dances. 
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