Talked on a Podcast
Peri menopause, menopause and post menopause are experienced uniquely by every woman. Why do some women glide through it and others suffer? Some with hot flashes, night sweats, skin conditions, sensitivities, weight gain around the belly area, brain fog, lack of concentration, depression,  fatigue, anxiousness and even paranoid feelings.  

Consider that there are estrogen receptors all over the body and you can start to realise how important this mother hormone is.  I was recently talking to Julie Hilsen on her Life of Love podcast where we discussed the importance of the big 3 hormones for our health: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  During peri-menopause hormones fluctuate, estrogen, the diva can get quite high. Progesterone, who is like your calming best friend, dips. That is one reason why women can feel irritated or moody. There is a lack of balance.  We discuss my functional medicine approach and how important it is to look into the root causes of symptoms and how I support my clients with nutrition, lifestyle and mindset modifications.