Menopause and Weight Gain, Brain and Heart Health, and Empowering Women

Talked on a Podcast
Spoke on a YouTube Video

I had a really interesting conversation with Philip on his podcast Wits and Weights. 

The Topics we discussed in this episode:

  • Menopause and its importance (especially regarding hormone reproduction)
  • Why there is a stigma attached to menopause
  • Why weight gain occurs during midlife/menopause and what can be done about it
  • How someone can modify their lifestyle to manage the symptoms
  • How to sleep better and manage stress
  • How to improve bone health
  • How to improve hair and skin
  • The importance of blood sugar and how to regulate
  • How to improve brain and heart health
  • The story of a client who got her "sparkle" back (the steps/process)
  • How all women can embrace menopause positively for a long, happy, healthy life