Talked on a Podcast
We are now entering the festive season and you may be concerned about managing your menopausal weight during this food intense month. If you want to know how to avoid weight gain have a listen to my conversation with Julie Kennedy on her podcast fabulous after fifty.

Do you feel like you eat healthfully and workout but now there's a layer of fat around your stomach that wasn't there before? You aren't alone. Not everyone gains weight during menopause but most women notice a redistribution of weight. 

This may be due to hormonal changes that occur during this time, with the reduction in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone there is an increase of fat deposition in the mid-section/abdominal area. Furthermore, we naturally become more resistant to insulin as we age, which is linked to an increased difficulty in weight loss.

Along with hormonal changes and loss of muscle, changes to eating patterns and reduced physical activity can lead to menopause weight gain, especially weight gain in the stomach area. Losing weight can also help with relieving menopausal symptoms.