Spoke on a webinar

Weight management is multifactorial and is an area many women struggle with during the menopause transition.

During the Webinar I discussed:

- We can all take control of our weight management through menopause - it's about choices we make - Women can gain on average 2-4 kilograms through the menopause - Managing our stress and blood sugar levels are key to overall weight management - Be accepting of our body, and be kind to ourselves - Resistance training more important than cardio - A food journal is a great way to raise awareness of the choices we make in a day - track what you eat and drink, when you do it, and how it made you feel - Try and get protein with every single meal - protein and fibre are really important for us - If you take flax seed or linseed, soak it or grind it to get the benefit, otherwise it just goes through us!