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Queer, Polyamorous Autigender & Anti-War Veteran of Color who is also AUTISTIC AS FVCK

🖤 I'm a Lover, a weaver, a motivator, a permissionary, a muse, a collector and connector of resources, I notice things, I inspire people, I challenge the status quo and am here dabbling in the spaces between web2 and web3 because I believe this technology we are building right now has the capability to charge hard at climate change.

There are so many projects how do you choose?
You don' give them all the tools to support themselves. 🛠

I'm here for it and I'm prepping for the neurodiversity movement when were all tooled up! ♾

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Aug 2021 - Present

Trusted Seed, TokenEngineeringCommons

Nov 2021 - Present

Graviton ⚖ Conflict Mediation, GravityDAO

Nov 2015 - Present

Alumni, The Mission Continues

Jun 2014 - Present

Volunteer, Human rights campaign