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Odo Maurice

I am a Full-stack Web developer  I offer tutorial and mentoring sessions to interested students and potential developers/programmers. As we occupy a spatial existence that verifies and defines virtually all aspects of daily living in data, is it not wise to boost your employability and immerse oneself in at least an aspect of the information technology?

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What Odo's working on

Jun 23, 2022
#100daysofcode Day 57

Couldn't possibly get the answers to import and update data from my database(MongoDB) to my dashboard after asking on some platforms. Instead of staying idle, I decided to learn something else. I remembered I didn't learn mySQL well when I did and so I went back to it and revisited the CRUD operations again. If I couldn't make the project work with a No Sql, an Sql might work, as I found answers on how to do that on stackoverflow with SQL(mySQL precisely). However, if you can help in this regard, it'll be greatly appreciated and I'll give you access to the repo. Thanks.

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Jun 20, 2022
#100daysofcode Day 56

Today, I focused on making my on-going website responsive using the media query breakpoints and changing the displays and positioning of certain elements at these breakpoints.

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Jun 11, 2022
#100daysofcode Day 51

Thanks to @Dan Scott for your youtube tutorials on Figma essentials. If the youtube extract videos were this awesome, I wonder how the complete Udemy course would be. Thanks to codevolution too @Vishwas for aiding me in my React.js journey, you made me understand the class components, lifecycles and other React hooks I hadn't come across. I'm also grateful to Angela Yu who spent a lot of time and energy bringing about a Web development BootCamp course.

I remain grateful for your evident impact on my web development journey.
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Jun 09, 2022
#100daysofcode Day 50

So I started learning Figma just yesterday and focusing on wireframing, I created something, though basic, it's not bad for a beginner 😄

Can't believe I'm halfway into the #100daysofcodechallenge, I'm doing well.
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Jun 08, 2022
#100daysofcode Day 49

Concluded my learning of Sass today with the following topics: grid system, using the @extend property, how to purge the CSS showing only the properties used in the project, and finally how to use custom properties.
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Jun 03, 2022
#100daysofcode Day 46
Today, I decided to try out Typescript with React.js, but I didn't find it funny. I wonder why it has to be that difficult for a beginner. I'll be working with my normal javascript(jsx) till I've mastered the principles surrounding react majorly by building my own React apps, then I'll come back to it if it's such a necessity which I know it's not.

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