Alvaro Saburido
  • @alvarosaburido
  • Creative Engineer
  • Barcelona Spain
  • He/Him
Chamo very crazy loco. Creative Engineer & FE Advocate.

Hi there 👋 🐧

I'm Alvaro, I produce creative content and contribute to open source mainly related to Front-end (Vue) and IoT (Internet of Things). I'm passionate about coding, UI/UX, electronics & love to share knowledge in the community.

I've been doing Open Source for 2 years, mainly contributing to Vue-related projects. I've been working on my extra hours on a Dynamic Forms library/plugin for Vue 2 & 3 to create forms easily based on the business logic and contribute often to Nuxt.js documentation in Spanish.

I want to dedicate at least 10-25% of my time to create more value for the community, go to conferences to give talks 😊, more open-source contributions (plugins, tools), and a lot of tech content (articles, tutorials, videos).

You can help me keep working on open source and content creation 

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