Jul 28, 2021
Introducing: ✨ Snippets ✨

It’s a new section on my website for random bits of code that don’t require a full-on tutorial.

Keeping up with the “whimsical” vibe of the site, I had a lot of fun building that animation.

Even if that’s not what I wanted to do at first

Originally, I wanted to the stretch the old game dev muscles and make an interactive robot arm with Inverse Kinematics.

I started, made a basic interactive arm, got the maths in place, then got discouraged.
Making it look good was too tedious.

I procrastinated on this for 2 months, until one day, I had enough and said “Screw it, let’s just ship something”

“Cogs? Close enough”

Let’s see it for yourself here: https://alvin.codes/snippets