Reading Designing Data Intensive Applications
Reliability, Scalability and Maintainability. We've all heard these terms. Now explain them in 100 words or less in an interview! I wanted to do a deep dive into what these terms really mean and how best to level up as a developer/wannabe infra dev. This book has been held up as a manual of sorts in these areas so seems like a good place to start!

Finally finished in January 2021 with my intrepid book club! Really excellent book. Not one you'd read just one time, but one you come back to to absorb a little more each time. Really densely packed with information I believe would benefit anyone managing, building, maintaining applications. Though not a book I'd recommend until you've got some time under your belt working on real world products! It can be a little intimidating if you don't have a foundation to build on yet! Definite must read for intermediate and above devs.